About SharQui®

What is SharQui?

Belly dance is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation by visually demonstrating and mimicking.  The lack of breaking down movement can be confusing and not enjoyable for the non-dancer and potentially unsafe.  The SharQui format was created to remedy this.

SharQui is a 60 minute, power-packed class that fuses both bellydance and fitness.  It’s designed on the add-on method which includes breakdown and repetition of the movement so that everyone feels successful, to create one long choreography.  It’s an easy -to-follow format that anyone can do.  Not only will you bellydance but you will gain core strength, speed, isolation and stamina.

There is no other bellydance format like SharQui out there.  It’s fun, community, it celebrates femininity, and sexy; all while getting and awesome workout.  Start shaking your beauty now!


Shake your Beauty with SharQui!


Learn From a Recognized Leader in Both Fitness and Bellydance

Oreet is an accomplished bellydancer with authentic Middle Eastern roots. She has always been fascinated by movement and drew from her years of elite training and professional experience to develop SharQui.  Originated in the legendary studios of New York City, Oreet has been able to grow her business across the U.S.  After seeing the widespread success of her creation, Oreet is now working to develop additional workouts for the SharQui line.

Not only is she a sought after presenter but she is an award winning bellydancer with titles such as  Bellydancer of the Year, Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America, Entertainer of the Year, Bellydance Diva and Jewel of the Nile.

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