Served with a Nubian Shaabi Cocktail

December 3, 2017: 11:00am-1:00pm

Description: This class is perfect for the Tentative Dancer that loves to “Explore, Define, & Polish” AND ALSO for the Impeccable Dancer who “Knows it All”! Lotus Niraja has designed a training class that challenges you to further tap into multiple facets of Bellydance. Learn to re-define the dance style you already own, whether beginner or professional, with enhancements, upgrades, and subtleties. This class will confront, provoke and inspire you to dance at your fullest potential. Learn deceptively simple techniques that will smooth and refine your dance with an emphasis on muscular and skeletal dance moves, core strength, stamina, and improved posture. Explore new levels, volume, and intensity. Concepts include diverse energy levels, floor patterns, quality of movement, and emoting through your body. To improve your ability to connect the totality of your body to belly dance, you will learn sequences to enhance your use of space by adding length, weight shifts, and effective use of your core and legs. These stage-ready maneuvers can be easily incorporated to your own dance-movement vocabulary.

Part 2: Served with…A Nubian Shaabi Cocktail – Nubian Sha’abi has become insanely popular and has begun taking over as an entertainment highlight in Raks Sharki performances in Cairo! Many Raks Sharki performances now include the use of folkloric elements to enhance the full performance and Nubian is the trend!. In this sampler class, Lotus encourages and teaches you Sha’abi and Nubian dance elements. Learn to give a nod to the dance with moves that lifts up the culture, as opposed to the fantasy of it. Lotus will also teach combinations that can add a bit of Nubile Nubian to performances! No refunds.




Join us for an Interactive Bellydance Lunch Hour Session with Lotus Niraja where you can ask questions and gain advice on your Bellydance Business. Lotus’s dream was to become an international dance teacher and performer, and to date, she has taught all over Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia with upcoming events in India & South Africa. Whereas most people would not share competitive information, Lotus wants to inspire dancers to go far! Let’s brainstorm and discuss a Winning Business Strategy for your Bellydance Business, Create your Brand, and Market like a True “Boss”. Take this moment to discuss your dreams, ask questions, and pick her brain to turn them into reality. Learn ways to turn your marketing and investments into revenue, travel and profits. This is a great opportunity to see if you are a good fit for Lotus Niraja’s Dance Mentoring & Business Coaching Sessions Classes. Bring your lunch or buy from nearby restaurant.



December 3, 2017: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Description:  Egypt is always bursting with new music! As it did in the 1940’s, Egypt is incorporating the musical styles of Jazz, Blues, R&B, and now Hip-Hop into a unique, underground street music and dance called “Mahragan”, which translates as “festival” music. Mahragan has people wanting to shake their tush! The dance style is loose, jiggly, juicy, provocative, earthy and gutsy with strong emotion, revolutionary thought and beats. Wildly gaining popularity in the dance clubs and shows where traditional Oriental Belly Dance occurs, this new “Street” dancing has a strong background in Cairo’s underground club culture and social events with its refreshing, dynamic and energetic style. The current Belly Dancers of Cairo are bringing this fresh ‘Street Flavor’ to the stage! Despite being ultra-hip, the dance is warm, raw, and on top the Oriental Dance trends. Lotus Niraja will teach you street-dance moves that are 2-fold. The original street-dance move and a way to refine and gentrify the technique for the stage or your comfort level. Be introduced to new Arabic music and artists such as The Narcycist, Qusai, Shadia Mansour, Meryem Saci, DJ Ortega, Massari, Malikah, Omar Offendum, Arabian Knightz, Rush and Sphin, and many more. Feel inspired by music that is Arabic with an urban city vibe, soulful rhythms, and street-style singing. No refunds.