4 Signs that Students Can Drain You


  1. Oh I am so glad you did this tip video! I am so glad I am not alone in this. I have have many students like this and it is always so draining and stressful to deal with. Oreet, I know you are such a nice person and a generous and patient instructor. I feel like these types of students are particularly draining if you are this type of instructor. How do you deal with it? I tend to be “to nice” and just want the best for my students. How do you avoid being taken advantage of or treated like a doormat by these type of students and showing them this is not ok without alienating other students?

  2. Yes I am patient when it comes to instructor trainings but when it comes to disrupting the class I have zero patience. The line that I use is, “I need to keep the class going, thanks for your question”. Then I keep going with the class. If you saw me in action…my New Yawwwwwk side comes out!

  3. lol. Awesome!

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