March is Women’s History Month and it has come a long way since it was established in 1981. It’s not only a month of recognizing the great women before us that paved the path toward gender equality – but a month of celebrating feminine power.


In light of Women’s History month, I decided to take the time for myself to feel my own feminine power. Not by teaching bellydance, but dancing for myself. So I gave myself a challenge – the challenge of moving one part of the body for one full song. For one song I only moved the arms and hands, the next song I moved only the torso, and the last I moved the hips only. It was challenging yet powerful at the same time. It was so fascinating to see what I could create with only one body part, and to be honest; it was liberating to not worry how I looked because I didn’t have an audience or students watching. It was just for me.


I went slowly, I was purposeful, and I felt powerful!


You know…the older I get I, realize that real power is the willingness to be yourself and speak or dance your truth, and like it – more than your need to feel liked.


As a young woman I spent a lot of time worrying about what other people thought. Will they like how I dance? Do I need to do all these tricks in my dancing to please them? I took on the responsibility of doing what I thought others wanted to see, sometimes at the expense of my own joy. As you can imagine, this didn’t do a lot for my confidence or my ability to connect to my voice.


What I know now is that if someone doesn’t like my creative choices, so be it. Now it’s about dancing my truth without fear. I simply don’t give a shit. And that’s so powerful and freeing. But I simply needed to go through the process of discovery.


So ladies, go and celebrate YOU this month – and every month. SharQui classes are an amazing way to celebrate. Women are discovering their power and benefiting everyday in our classes and we want you to join us! We have in-person classes all over the world that you can join as well as live online classes, and on-demand classes coming soon. We have something for everyone!


So c’mon girl…and discover your power.


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