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#1.  Aug 18, 2016


Hi, it’s me, Oreet…

…and welcome to my very first blog post.  To be completely transparent, I’m a little nervous. 
This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  The seed of this blog has been germinating for over 2 years and it’s finally time.  One reason it took so long is because I’ve been busy with other projects, but the other is because I didn’t want to start a blog until I had reached a certain level of success in my own business – a milestone.  I know this sounds silly but it’s what I felt and I needed to listen to it.
I’d like to take a moment to talk about the intention behind this post and why I was inspired to do this.  I’m going to reveal something that you may not know about me, which is one of the reasons, why I’m a little nervous.  It really stems from what people are preaching about body image.  And for me specifically – post baby body image.  Yes, my body did an amazing thing by growing a human being not only once, but twice.  But I need to rant…

I’m MAD! 

I’m mad about how my body changed and how I see myself  now.
I constantly ask, what’s wrong with me?? 
I mean, I’m a fitness and dance instructor, a fitness and dance presenter, and the creator of a format that promotes positive body image for god’s sake.  
Well, what it comes down to is… it’s hard to see my body change. 
Things are different now.  I have bigger hips, a bigger ribcage, bigger belly and looser skin.  My clothes and costumes fit differently too.  
I want to find the confidence in my own body again.  
Look, it’s a lot of pressure to try to “look the part” and I know I put this pressure on myself.  So why can’t I just embrace it? 
This all comes down to the question of identity.
When we feel that we’re amazing, it will become ingrained into our identities. As a fitness and dance pro, the only way I’ll be able to experience the advantages of having a healthy level of true, positive, self-image, is simply to decide that I look and feel amazing! 
How my students perceive my confidence ultimately begins with how I see myself.  I shouldn’t worry about other people’s suspected opinions about me. When I finally see myself as having an amazing body – then that’s when others will begin to see the same thing.
So I did some soul searching and decided that I want to live happy.  I can’t waste my time feeling bad about it.  So I am working on believing it. 
Look, my body has done and can still do amazing things.  To be honest, after having my 2 kids, I feel my dancing is stronger now than ever before.  So, I am going to let it continue to do amazing things.
I also need to be the one that holds the power of influence!
You know what’s even more important?  Being a positive role model for my children.  Enough said!

Thank you for letting me share this with you and I hope this helps those who may be feeling the same way about themselves.  


Be good to yourself and live your happy,



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