11 Workouts for $11


For a limited time only, enjoy lifetime access to 11 SharQui Workouts that will leave you feeling sweaty and fabulous. Whether you’re a longtime practitioner of bellydance/raqs sharqui or have never danced a step in your life, you’ll find something to love in this bundle.


On sale only until July 15th! (Lifetime access after purchase)


This sampler bundle includes 11 class recordings from our Virtual Studio. Explore 7 different instructors, including Oreet, founder of SharQui – The Bellydance Workout. Try 5 different Classic SharQui Workouts, then kick it up a notch with SharQui Core, Dance Strong, and SharQui Veil. Then wind things down with Restorative SharQui, Stretch & Flow, and Lengthen & Stretch. There’s a little something for everyone – which will be your favorite?


Questions & Answers

I’m a beginner, can I get this bundle?

Yep! Due to the unique SharQui format, you can jump right into classes with no dance experience. By starting with the feet and gradually building up combinations over the course of the class, you’ll learn authentic bellydance/raqs sharqui while getting an amazing workout. You’ll be shocked at how much you can accomplish in a single class!

I’m an advanced dancer, will I be bored?

Nope! SharQui workouts are an amazing way to build strength, stamina, and precision. While the movements may start off simple, you’ll add exciting and challenging nuances as the class progresses. Through fitness, you’ll give yourself the physical prowess needed to articulate beautiful, skillful movements confidently and artistically.

What do you mean by class recordings?

All these classes are recorded workouts that originally were done live through Zoom in our SharQui Virtual Studio. You’ll get a taste of how our instructors interact with students, and just how much fun our members have during every workout! Due to the nature of Zoom recordings, the video quality may be limited on larger screens.

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