Al-Khaleej 2.0  – The African experience edition with Khadijah


Saturday, 6/25 from 1:00-2:30 pm EST


Saturday, 6/25 from 1:00-2:30 pm EST

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Al-Khaleej 2.0  (The African experience edition) : The Arabian Gulf is more than what the West thinks it is. This part lecture and part movement class is especially formulated in celebration and awareness of Black African traditions, the vast African diversity within the culture and the African ways of life that has established what the Arabian Gulf is today. In this second part series we will further discuss the African foundations in Khaleeji ways of life that have gone unrecognized , erased from Khaleeji culture and common knowledge especially to the rest of the world. This all includes: discussing historically African populated areas specifically in KSA , Afro-khaleej dances and the etiquette, religious aspects , deeper historical information , diving deeper into Afro-Khaleeji musicality, musical instrumentation and various styles of dress . If time permits we will discuss Afro-Khaleeji foods, hairstyles, make-up, beauty and more.

Please bring a notebook, pen, a snack, and lots of hydration…. you will need it!

About your instructor:

Khadijah is a diverse international performer/instructor and Educator of Afro-Arabic dances of North Africa, Gulf Folklore and Central Asian dances. She has become a highly sought after performer, instructor and choreographer due to her unique energetic style. She currently resides in Denver, CO, she is of Kenyan heritage originally born in Jeddah, KSA . She is continuously traveling, studying and seeking knowledge on a regular basis with the world’s most renowned dancers and musicians of North African, Gulf and Central Asian dances, music and beyond.


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