Finding Your Bellydance Brand Voice Workbook


There are hundreds of options for dance and fitness classes in the world…so why do your students choose you?

There are lots of reasons, but a big one is because they know, like, trust, and want to support you. 

When you’re able to clearly communicate the unique strengths and personality that make you special, you attract students that are excited to learn from a teacher with those qualities.

In order to do this, you need to find your brand voice, the way you present your personal brand as a dance/fitness instructor to the world. But it’s so much harder to communicate your personality in marketing than when just hanging out with your students or friends!

This workbook contains simple exercises to help you identify and communicate your unique strengths and style. Treat them like personality quizzes – they’re supposed to be fun! Once you’ve completed the workbook, you’ll feel more confident when writing or speaking about your dance business.


Please note: you are purchasing a downloadable PDF workbook that can be printed or used with digital notebook apps. A physical workbook will NOT be shipped to you. 


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