Introduction to Bellydance Workshop


Sunday, February 28 from 1:00-2:00pm


Sunday, February 28 from 1:00-2:00pm

In this class, Oreet the founder of SharQui, will personally guide you through the 8 essential moves of bellydance. It is easy to fall in love with bellydance. You don’t have to grow up with bellydance for it to feel like home to you. Whether it’s the intoxicating rhythms, the eye-popping sequined costumes, or the way it tones your core, there’s so much to love about this art form. 

We want to be totally upfront with you, in the introductory workshop you’re going to sweat. A lot of people see the grace and fluidity of bellydance and think maybe it’s not an amazing workout, but that’s not the case for SharQui. SharQui is authentic bellydance movements presented in a true cardio fitness format that burns over 600 calories an hour.   

This workshop is live, but you can sign up and catch the recording instead if needed. We’re going to give you a lot of resources so that you can build on these fundamental moves. First, you can rewatch the recording as often as you’d like. You’ll also receive a written guide that highlights the technique for each movement. In addition, you have the opportunity to take unlimited classes at our online studio in the month of March, FREE. 

I don’t mean to scare you, but there’s one refrain that echoes through my entire career teaching bellydance.

Students say, “I love it so much, I just wish I’d started sooner.”

Look, you’re NEVER too old to start bellydancing, but tomorrow is not the right day to get started. Go ahead, become energized, rejuvenated, powerful. Let your body feel strong,  flexible, and graceful. Don’t drag yourself through grueling workouts. Unleash your inner dancer.  

Take this step and sign up today so you can give your body this gift. Don’t put this off. 

Sign up now and have an exclusive opportunity to get started with our Beginner’s kit, including the written guide and unlimited classes at our online studio in the month of March, FREE

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