Troupe Performance Coaching with Jill [May session]

From: $30.00

May 1st-31st


May 1st-31st

How do company dancers who have busy, conflicting schedules find time to get ready to perform together? This month, Jill is utilizing the systems she’s used with professional dance companies to help get you stage ready! You will receive a video of the choreography* with counts and a full run with music to learn at your own pace. Film yourself performing the piece and Jill will respond with personalized, detailed feedback. You are able to submit video up to 4x during the month. You have the choice of 1 choreography or both! No scheduled commitment is necessary beyond a deadline to submit your video.

*Note: Choreographies are Veil Routine and/or Raks Assaya.

Once you register, further instructions on how to film and receive feedback will be sent by Jill.


Performance Opportunity!

There is also the option to do the Troupe Performance Coaching to work toward a LIVE performance opportunity in June! It’s happening on June 3-5, at the Cairo Shimmy Quake Festival in Los Angeles. The LIVE performance will be the veil routine only. This is meant to serve the dancer that wants to experience what it’s like to perform in a professional troupe without high expectation and in a super, supportive atmosphere. Here is what this troupe will offer:

  • Live, in-person performance opportunity on a high-quality stage;
  • The ability to work with dancers from around the world;
  • The experience to perform onstage with Jill Collins, a professional bellydancer, director and master instructor;
  • A first-hand experience what working in a professional level troupe is like;
  • And personalized online coaching and feedback with detailed breakdown videos to learn the choreography.

Rehearsals will happen on June 3rd or June 4th at the top-rated dance studio, Evolution Dance Studios in Los Angeles, with the performance happening on either June 4th or June 5th. Once we know how many dancers are participating, we will be able to figure a more specific cost per person. Here is what you can expect as far as financial responsibility:

·  A $15-$20 performance fee per person;

·  $130-$185 total studio rental divided by the number of participants;

·  Transportation (Jill may be able to help carpooling once in L.A.);

·  Food;

·  Hotel accommodation;

·  Costume rental fee of $50 or use your own costume at no cost;

·  And any workshops at Cairo Shimmy Quake (Jill may be able to get an all-inclusive group rate, or $50 a la carte);

Go ahead and contact Jill at sahlaladancers@gmail.com if you are interested.  In the meantime you can check out the Cairo Shimmy Quake festival info and hotel here. https://www.cairoshimmyquake.com/home/



Members: Veil Routine $30, Members: Assaya Routine $30, Members: Both Routines $50, Nonmembers: Veil Routines $50, Nonmembers: Assaya Routine $50, Nonmembers: Both Routines $85

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