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Tirra is a dynamic fitness professional with a wealth of experience in dance and fitness instruction. She holds certifications as an A.C.E. Group Fitness instructor and Health Coach, complemented by a Master of Public Health degree. 

With 25 years of African dance expertise, including a prominent role as the lead dance instructor and performer at the Global Education Center in Nashville, TN, Tirra brings a unique blend of cultural richness and fitness enthusiasm to her classes.

In addition to her extensive background in African dance, Tirra is well-versed in various group fitness formats including dance fitness, barre and water aerobics. 

In 2020 she discovered the SharQui Bellydance Workout and virtual studio and fell in love with the format leading her to get certified in 2023.

Tirra’s in-person classes are exclusively hosted at the Global Education Center, with plans to introduce virtual classes in the near future, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for all fitness enthusiasts. 

Shake your beauty with Tirra on a journey of cultural exploration, fitness empowerment, and joyful movement!

In-Person Classes

Online Classes




Also Certified In: ACE Group Fitness, ACE Health Coach, Raq the Barre, Barre Above


Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Also serving Murfreesboro, TN and Clarksville, TN

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