A 4-Month Academy to Help Instructors
Teach with Intention and Retain Students!

If you’re a current or aspiring bellydance instructor, I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling and experiencing – the struggle of a consistent student base. Having little to no students is discouraging.  

Even if you’re “not in it for the money”, how can you justify your time teaching when there’s nobody in your classes?  You start to question your worth as a teacher and dancer.  This was me.  

And then you wonder why they’re not coming (or worse…not coming back).  Was it your music, did they not sweat enough, was it too hard, or was it not what they expected?  Yep, I was there too.

Now your dream of ditching your day job so that you can teach and dance full-time is on the back burner.  Heck, even your much smaller dream of earning enough to buy a new costume isn’t looking so good.  And the frustration of not knowing what your next steps are to grow is making you think that you should might as well give up. 

Hi…I’m Oreet.  I know your struggle.  I started my teaching career in in 1995 while trying to make it as a working dancer.  While just dancing couldn’t pay the bills, I supplemented my living with teaching group fitness at gyms – and in the toughest in city in the world… New York.  So I had to learn fast.  And boy did I learn the hard way.  Here’s how it played out… 

I was well into teaching for about a year when I subbed a step aerobics class of around 20 people at a Gold’s Gym. While I thought I was kickin’ ass, in the course of 45 minutes, students started to leave one by one until there was only 1 person left.  And that last person stayed simply because they felt sorry for me.  I was clueless and did’t know why.  You can imagine the embarrassment I felt.  But not only that… it was the immense feeling of failure that got me.  I never wanted to have that happen and feel that way again. (I also needed that job) 

So from that day forward I spent the next 3 years taking classes from the hottest instructors in town to see why people were so obsessed.  And over time, I realized it was how they taught.  They presented their class in way that EVERYONE felt successful.  

And that’s when everything changed. 

Introducing the SharQui Instructor Academy

A Technique Beyond the Workout

SharQui is a proven system that I have worked on to retain students, get people through the door, and grow income.  I dug deep and evaluated my own teaching and realized I was doing it ALL wrong.  I needed to have my students in mind and teach the way they REALLY wanted to learn.  The answer…?  Teaching with intentionality and flow.

What I was missing was: 

  • Effective breakdown –  so that students feel successful
  • Build up – so there is an option for EVERYONE
  • Cueing – so they can go from move to move seamlessly, without missing a beat
  • Dancing from the start – students don’t want a technique class, they want to move! (dance technique is hidden, but shhh…don’t let them know)
Now accepting applications for the Sept – Dec 2023 

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

I’ve already done the heavy lifting FOR you …

Forget spending hours creating and memorizing complex choreos you can only use with one song (looking at you, Zumba!). With SharQui Principles, our performance ready blocks can be used for technique and fitness.  They are super versatile!  This program will simply give you your TIME back … so you can spend it with family, relaxing, working ON your dance business, or doing just about anything else you want to do.   Talk about a win-win!

Imagine for a moment that you...

"Oreet created the SharQui System of Instruction which is a comprehensive approach on how to teach a fitness class but still can be incorporated in a regular dance class. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and I finally feel confident to start teaching not just a fitness class but improve teaching a regular class."
Certified SharQui Instructor Since 2022

It's been done for you!

“There are so many professional benefits to being a certified SharQui instructor. The training provided me with the perfect way to present bellydance to a larger audience. As a SharQui instructor I can hold classes in more venues including gyms and fitness studios as it’s the perfect class for people who want a fun way to tone and exercise, or for dancers who want to get the most out of their movements.”
SharQui instructor Andrea Aranda.
Certified SharQui Instructor Since 2013

Accountability is key!

Here's You Get with the Academy

1 Week Prior

Beginner SharQui Workout – to familiarize yourself with the SharQui format. ($25 value)

Nail Your Teaching – To familiarize yourself with the SharQui teaching philosophy. ($25 value)

Month 1 - Getting it Into Your Body

1 Month of the SharQui Virtual Studio –  You will be taking 2 classes per week to get feel the SharQui format in your body, as well as getting your fitness level up to teach. ($45 value)

Private Messenger/FB Group Access – our communication tool to receive important notices, mentoring and to celebrate one another’s wins. ($300 value)

4 Group Coaching Calls – to talk about the weeks homework and your experience with the classes. ($500 value)

Weekly Homework Assessment by Oreet – extra accountability to ensure that understand the content. ($200 value)

Month 2 - Building Up Your Basics

Online Instructor Training Course 8 modules which includes sub-modules of how-to, lessons, systems, and strategies to learn the foundation of SharQui. ($1500 value)

Private Messenger/FB Group Access 

A 40 Page Manual – an aid to help you through the online course and the academy. ($250 value)

Video Resources & Music – videos to support your learning and music to practice what you’ve learned. ($200 value)

4 Group Coaching Calls – “hands-on” training to ensure that you understand the content. ($500 value)

Weekly Homework Assessment by Oreet – extra accountability to ensure that understand the content. ($200 value)

Month 3 - Putting it Into Practice

Online Instructor Training Course & Private Messenger/FB Group Access 

4 Group Coaching Calls – ($500 value)

Weekly Homework Assessment by Oreet – ($200 value)

Mindset Coaching – a webinar to help you keep your mind on track so you stay the course. ($150 value)

Month 4 - Showing Your Growth & Exam

Online Instructor Training Course & Private Messenger/FB Group Access 

4 Group Coaching Calls – ($500 value)

Practical Exam – testing happens in weeks 3 & 4 of this month.

Business Coaching – how to start your teaching business once your are certified. ($150 value)

Continuing Education Credits –  10.0 AFAA, 1.0 NASM and 0.9 ACE (for current certified fitness instructors ONLY)

Once you pass the exam, the next step signing up for Crew.  Crew is SharQui’s professional support platform that provides all your continuing education (membership is mandatory to maintain active instructor status).  Learn more about Crew and its benefits here. 

Get certified and expand your opportunities without sacrificing your artistic vision

SharQui is what happens when authentic bellydance meets teaching in a way that people WANT to learn.  Stay with what you love, but reach an entirely new audience and retain them!

How to become a SharQui Instructor

  1. Apply online
  2. Complete the 4-month SharQui Instructor Academy
  3. Pass the practical exam 
  4. Become a member of the SharQui Crew (our continuing education platform for instructors)

Why an application?

All potential SharQui instructors complete a short application process before starting the academy. It’s quick (one form + a casual video interview) and free to apply, so I encourage you to do so! 

I just want to get to know you and make sure the academy is going to be a mutually great fit.  If you are, you will be asked to teach for 1 min.  This is an evaluation on how you breakdown movement and how you use music as a tool in your teaching.  

Here’s what I’ll be assessing in the interview:

  • Are you enthusiastic about dance and fitness?
  • Do you understand what this training entails, and is it a good fit for your goals?
  • Are you willing and able to be told what to do and practice it?
  • Are you willing and able to accept someone else’s way of doing things, even if it’s a struggle at first?

No need to dress up or put on makeup – just come as you are for a quick chat!

Applying for the SharQui Instructor Academy is NOT a commitment to start! Consider it an informal, zero pressure way to make sure it is the right next step for you.

If you want to fill your classes, you need to do two things – teach what your students want, and teach it well.

You are probably still reading because you feel that continuing to learn MATTERS to you.  Not only does it matter to you, but it matters to your business AND your students.  There are potential students that need you right now.  And joining the academy will prepare you to be the teacher that these students need.

Look, if you want to spend your entire life going through everything that I’ve done and figured out, then have at it!  Or, you can simply work with me and have all the info in an organized fashion and mentoring from me.  There’s a cost of trying to figure all this out on your own – and that’s your precious time, when someone could’ve taught you.  And time is money.  I want to help you prevent making the mistakes I did.  

I have spent my life learning something that I think has value.  I have spent my life researching something that matters.  I have spent my life building something that I want you to know about.  I’m telling you this because I have a deep, deep conviction, that what I have to offer could change your dance business.

It’s no longer enough to train to be a great dancer. You also have to train to be a great teacher. 

Let’s do this my friend.

Applications are now open for the Sept – Dec 2023 SharQui Instructor Academy.  Apply now to secure your spot and get early-bird bonuses.

This is an over $5000 value! But you get ALL of this for only...

4 installments of $374!

or save 15% and pay in full for only $1297


1 easy payment of $1297

⭐ SharQui System of Instruction to make your teaching feel like MAGIC

⭐ Step-by-step videos on how to count, cue & breakdown movements

⭐ Weekly live coaching calls to get immediate feedback on your teaching from Oreet & Master SharQui Instructors

⭐ Mindset coaching

⭐ Done-for-you class choreographies, warm-ups, and cool downs

⭐ Tools and training to launch or expand your dance business and get hired by gyms, studios, & other venues

⭐ Exclusive community of SharQui Instructors with ongoing professional development opportunities


4 payments of $374

⭐ SharQui System of Instruction to make your teaching feel like MAGIC

⭐ Step-by-step videos on how to count, cue & breakdown movements

⭐ Weekly live coaching calls to get immediate feedback on your teaching from Oreet & Master SharQui Instructors

⭐ Mindset coaching

⭐ Done-for-you class choreographies, warm-ups, and cool downs

⭐ Tools and training to launch or expand your dance business and get hired by gyms, studios, & other venues

⭐ Exclusive community of SharQui Instructors with ongoing professional development opportunities

We help you build a successful business with:

  • Mentoring from Oreet and the entire SharQui team

  • Free Business Basics and Online Tech Setup course to grow your local and online business

  • Annual international SharQui events to build hype in your local and online market
  • Ongoing webinars and classes covering a range of business strategy, technology, and marketing tips

We Care About your Success

We also have quality control!  And it’s in our mentoring.  We are passionate about our vision and don’t want our system to get diluted like some other dance fitness brands you may know.  We offer quarterly video submissions if you choose to grow with us or annual video submissions for assessment.  All this mentoring is included in your Crew membership.  Talk about another win-win!

"Highly recommend! This academy is a gift that keeps on giving and has a wonderful support network. 10/10."
Certified SharQui Instructor Since 2022
SharQui was the first bellydance fitness program to be NASM Certified Accredited
SharQui was the first bellydance fitness program to be AFAA Certified Accredited
SharQui was the first bellydance fitness program to be ACE Certified Accredited

An accredited format designed for safe and effective workouts

SharQui was the first bellydance fitness format accredited by AAFA (Athletics & Fitness Association), ACE (American Council on Exercise), and NASM (National Academy of Sports Exercise). Being a part of an accredited program is important for many reasons but the most important is that you are part of a credible association that meets the fitness and safety guidelines. You also have a leg up when it comes to getting hired as employers feel more comfortable hiring people with an accredited certification.

"I go through the breakdown, drilling and building and I am DRENCHED in sexy sweat and feel invigorated all at the same time. I mean, if we're loving the workout itself for ourselves knowing what it can do first hand, what excitement we’re going to bring to our students. When it comes to business, I love that I can use the tools that SharQui offers and make money off of it!”
Master SharQui Instructor, Certified Since 2015
Oreet poses in front of a group of students at a North Carolina workshop.
Oreet hugs a group of students at a SharQui workout.
Oreet teaches a group of students a bellydance workout

Frequently Asked Questions About SharQui Instructor Certification

Nope! The SharQui instructor certification program is comprehensive AND accredited by ACE (the American Council of Exercise), a leading certification board for fitness coaches. During training, you’ll learn how to lead safe and effective workouts even if you have never taught fitness before.

It’s a practical exam that runs 15-30 mins. The academy prepares you for it! You will have options on what to execute and what will work best for you. We also make accommodations for you if you can’t test live by having you submit a video.  Hint: How do you “pass?” Clear, concise and fluid instruction.

The only ongoing fee for certification is membership in Crew, our professional support organization exclusively for SharQui instructors. Our most affordable Crew membership is just $29.97/month. As long as you maintain active Crew status, you will ever not have to re-certify, pay for a refresher course, or complete mandatory continuing education training. Plus, you’ll get free resources and hands-on mentoring to help you grow as an instructor and business owner.  Learn more about the SharQui Crew here.

Once you pass your certification exam, your certification lasts indefinitely as long as you maintain an active SharQui Crew membership. If your Crew membership lapses, you will have to complete instructor training again to recertify.

Crew is SharQui’s professional support organization for certified instructors. Continuing membership in Crew is mandatory to maintain active instructor status. Learn more about Crew benefits.

I get it – making the jump to instructor can feel like a huge step! And I’ll be honest, I don’t want people in my training if it’s not a mutually great fit. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready, email me at oreet@sharqui.com and we can plan a quick 15 minute call to do a fit check.

If you’re considering becoming a pro, the best way to experience SharQui firsthand is in our Virtual Studio. A Virtual Studio membership will give you unlimited access to live Zoom classes and recordings from top SharQui instructors – including myself!

Wherever you want to! In a studio, in a gym, online live, online prerecorded, as a headliner event at conferences and festivals, on cruises, for free at the park, as part of a flash mob…ok, maybe the better question is where CAN’T you teach SharQui? You’re only limited by your own imagination.

We have instructors around the globe. Since SharQui is accredited by AFAA, NASM and ACE fitness associations, SharQui is internationally recognized by employers of all types. Because of the accreditation, fitness facilities and corporate programs are interested in the SharQui Workout, even if they might not ordinarily host a dance class. We help you create demand in your local area using proven bellydance fitness marketing and retention methods. As a member of the SharQui Crew, we provide support for the entire life-cycle of launching, building, and maintaining your groups. Our education on promotion, systems and technology makes marketing manageable.

Oreet has always been a mover. Her roots are from Israel and Yemen and has been bellydancing and doing folk dance since the age of 6.

She created SharQui – The bellydance workout in 1998 and has been doing it ever since.  For the past 25 years, Oreet has been mentoring and helping hundreds of instructors retain students with a system that works. Not only has it brought the fun and inspiration back, but also brought more income into their teaching businessesPretty much, she does what she loves!

She has a degree in Dance & Kinesiology which enabled her to develop the SharQui format and get it accredited by AFAA, ACE and NASM.  Her media features include NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN; Bellydancer’s Life Podcast, Dance To Heal and The Dance Podcast; as well as Fanoos Magazine, Prevention, and Lifetime Magazine, to name a few.

Although she is completely hooked on sharing her back-stage secrets to instructors, her new passion is educating the world about Jewish Mizrahi dance and its relevance in Arabic Culture. She truly feels blessed to being able to what she loves – being both a teaching mentor and a source teacher.  

Still have questions?

I totally get it, and I only want you in my training if it’s a mutually great fit. Let’s set up a time for a free 30 minute goals assessment call to get your questions answered.

Email oreet@sharqui.com and let me know a little bit about why you’re interested in the Academy. I can’t wait to meet you! 

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