With 20 years of fitness and dance experience, Oreet has gained a unique perspective and wants to share it with you! Check back regularly for her pearls of wisdom, inspiring pep talks and takes on life, love and Shaking Your Beauty!


Black Friday 2020 at SharQui

  Well, it’s looking like virtual Black Friday shopping is our safest bet this year. So we’re stepping up our game here at SharQui to bring you some fantastic Black…

Are SharQui Workout Classes Beginner Friendly?

A thousand times: YES! Have two left feet? No worries. SharQui – The Bellydance Workout is a perfect fusion of both fitness and authentic bellydance movement that ANYONE can do!…

The Bellydancer’s Rulebook of No Rules

When leaving college I was prepared to live life a lot like Theory 101, 102, Counterpoint and Harmony 101, 102… meaning there was a rule for everything. Musicians always say…

Dancing To Your Part

Let’s face it. The past few weeks have been rough (I mean ROUGH!!) on everyone. I found myself feeling down and quite helpless. I saw so many people hurting, especially…

One Day At A Time

Today’s guest blog is by Raena Take a tip from the underdogs: I’ve always been a sucker for a good old-fashioned underdog story. What is more inspiring than to watch…

Free to Express

Today’s guest blog is by Marisa I realized somewhere in my dance journey every message I internalized about what it means to be a woman showed up in my dance.…