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I’ve got a quick story to share about my recent experience to toot the SharQui horn. And let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

So, I taught my second pop-up class to promote SharQui, with the hope of turning it into a regular weekly thing.  This event was basically a dance party to showcase all the fantastic dance classes the facility offers.  And man, the SharQui system has totally spoiled me – in a good way.  Let me break it down for you…

I was there, participating while the incredible instructors did their thing.  But when I looked at the students, some were struggling to keep up and even stumbling while trying to switch their feet. Why? Late cues or sometimes no cues at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the energy in the room was through the roof, thanks to the strobe lighting, the enthusiastic whoops and hollers from other instructors, and the soul-pounding music.  But here’s the catch: there was little to no explanation of which muscle groups to engage.  The instructors would just point to their chest.  And there was this quick foot change that left me baffled because they only counted, without specifying which foot to use.  Plus, my lower back was aching the next day because there were no posture pointers or stretches at all.

I told my husband that I see group fitness in a whole new light now.  I wished he could’ve been inside my head, hearing my thoughts like, “Which foot are we supposed to be on?” “That cue was way too late!” “I can’t see the instructor clearly; their visual cues aren’t cutting it!” “Is this exercise hurting my back because I’m getting old, or is it just a flawed movement?” “This feels like a bit of a mess.” He couldn’t help but laugh and told me to send Oreet an email, declaring myself a certfied SharQui snob!

Now, when it was my turn to lead, and mind you, it was only my second time teaching a live class, something magical happened.  Every one of the 45 students was right there with me.  No one was left behind or stumbling, even if they couldn’t see me clearly. 

Now, am I tooting my own horn?

Absolutely not.

But am I saying that the SharQui system works like a charm?

Without a doubt. 

To top it off, the group fitness director came up to me afterward and said my cueing was phenomenal.

Was it perfect?

Nope, not yet.

But compared to the other instructors, I was on fire!

So, all of this to say, as a newbie SharQui Instructor, it was incredibly encouraging to see a variety of dance styles in one pop-up class and compare them to SharQui. The fact that our students nailed the moves right from the get-go, felt safe, and left feeling successful is all the proof I needed to confirm that the SharQui system is where it’s at!



Certified SharQui Instructor

P.S. – Come shimmy your heart out and NOT feel confused inside our SharQui Virtual Studio!

P.P.S. – Want to be on fire, just like Casey?  Hop on a call with Oreet to talk about the SharQui Instructor Academy.

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