Ya gotta learn the rules to break the rules…

I heard that all throughout college. Every damn professor said it. There are rules. We spent A LOT of time learning rules.

And I was like, heck- I’m an artist. Where’s my freedom?

It clicked though.

There are rules to everything in life if you think about it.

Some of us might be thinking “Well, I’m not playing a game, so what are the rules in dance?” I’m getting to that, but first:

Some of us might be caught in conversations with ideologies like “trophies for all! Effort counts!” Or “trophies only for the winners.” And then… ugh…. “Who is winning fair and square these days anyway? Aren’t there advantages and disadvantages?”

It’s like most of us would never have the heart to tell a five-year-old the art they made isn’t beautiful, regardless if we understood what they drew for us or not.

Truth smack: your students will tell you they don’t understand what you’re teaching by their ability to follow you. Take a good look at your students – do they get it, or not?

So, there are rules. Like it or not – there are rules for teaching dance and how people learn.

Many of us don’t want to be the consummate professional of our art and our craft to learn the rules.

But some of us do.

Like me, that college kid who learned theory to the nth degree. Like, why do some masterpieces sound like masterpieces? Because the composers knew the rules, and those rules made all the music forever more… and I can create and create and create until my heart is content, now that I know the rules. Not only that, I can teach them to someone else.

In SharQui, we have a strong value on everybody being able to follow the teacher. We don’t want our students to feel like 5-year-olds who don’t have control of their hands yet, hand-eye coordination, and not knowing their right from their left – or even more, don’t know color theory yet.

Here’s the cool part about SharQui – you’re gonna know all the rules, and your students will think you’re some kind of crazy dance magician. They’ll be addicted and eat your classes up.

OK, what about breaking the rules?

Remember, ya gotta learn them in order to be able to break them.
So, I can’t have that conversation with you yet until you’ve mastered SharQuí.

Be on your way by signing up for the SharQui Instructor Academy. Then we can chat, but I warn you… you’ll enjoy teaching and seeing your students shine so much that you won’t give a hoot about breaking the rules for many years to come….

Lots of love,
Master Instructor of SharQui

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