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SharQui - the Bellydance Workout

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Join the SharQui family as a certified instructor. 100% online training now available.

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Join 20+ live and interactive SharQui workouts a week with a virtual studio membership.

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How about a freebie?

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How about a free workout?

Enjoy a 25 minute workout that teaches authentic bellydance in a high-energy fitness format. If you’re new to SharQui, it’s the perfect introduction.

"Get Your Students to Dance", a free training for bellydance instructors.

Free Training for Bellydance Instructors

In this free training, I’ll give you the skills with a clear and precise system to easily lead your students in any dance and fitness class. I’ll show you how counting, breakdown and cueing attracts new students and keeps them coming back. No matter what genre you are teaching, this system can be translated into your classes.

Looking for drop-in online SharQui classes?

Daily passes now available!

Our daily passes give you 24 hours of unlimited access to live AND recorded fitness classes, all for the price of a single drop in ($15).

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