Are you looking for a new kind of workout?

Let’s face facts – for most people, traditional fitness just isn’t that exciting. Spending an hour on the treadmill, or climbing that step machine – it gets tedious! People often quit a new exercise regimen quickly after starting because it just doesn’t keep their attention. 

That’s what makes SharQuí different. You’re learning a beautiful style of dance while you get healthy! SharQuí teaches you authentic bellydance moves in a cardio workout that’s as fun as it is good for you.

A whole new way to get in shape

SharQuí is a completely new kind of workout, but it achieves the same goals as all those other fitness programs you’ve tried and quit.It increases strength, muscle tone and bone density while increasing stamina and defining your waist.

SharQuí is for everyone because it’s low-impact, great for all ages,  and you can do it anywhere you have space to shake it! A typical SharQuí class can burn up to 500 calories and will give you the results you want while you have a blast doing it. 

SharQui is perfect for you!

It’s not just about what SharQuí can do for your body, but what it can do for your life! Your self confidence will skyrocket! You’ll increase your dance skills so you can bust out your moves at a club, an event, or just for fun.

Want to know the best part? You’ll be joining a supportive community of people just like you who want a fun way to get healthy and fit. So join us and Shake Your Beauty today!

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