Let Me Change Your Perception

SharQui – for every body and every capability

Did you know that SharQui was created in 1998 and became a business in 2002?  Yep, it’s been around for a hot minute.  Why has it had such staying power…?  Because it gets people with 2 left feet to dance.  So proud of what it has done for people.

It was tough early on though to get people to try a class because people had this perception that bellydance is too hard and that it can’t be a workout.  But once I was able to get them to try a class they were hooked!  Omg, they felt muscles they’ve never felt before, they kept moving the entire time and had smiles on their faces from start to finish (can’t say that about the treadmill, am I right?)  It’s a win-win-win…don’t ya think?? 

So, if you’re looking to get your sweat on while learning something new, interesting, and fun, here are my top 3 truth smacks about SharQui – The bellydance workout. Now let’s get smackin… 

Truth Smack #1 – SharQui was created for the non-dancer. 

Yep!  Exactly what I said.  Pretty much if you can march in place, you can bellydance.  The secret is in the system that enables people to grasp the movement with success.  It offers clear and effective breakdown, buildup, cueing, and counting so that anyone can seamlessly follow.  Ever take a class from a teacher who talks half the time, or doesn’t break down the movement by going from 0-60, and leaving you with confusion, let alone a glimmer of sweat?  Well, SharQui remedies this.  

Truth Smack #2 – Don’t worry, SharQui is not structured like a dance technique class. 

I know, I know… I’ve heard many people complain that these dance classes that promote themselves as fitness are really not fitness-based classes.  In SharQui classes, there are no slow isolations and drills at the beginning.  You are actually dancing a routine right from the start!  I know that’s what students want, and that’s what SharQui gives.  

See, I got your back.  You’re welcome. 

Truth Smack #3 – You can make SharQui your own.

Did you know that you could take the class at any intensity you want??   Yep again!  The beauty is in the build-up. You can stick with any nuance you want, like on your toes or flat-footed, with arms or not, at pace or at half-time.  That’s the beauty of the system, and our fabulous instructors will show you how.  Just choose the version you want and smile! 

Well…I hope this gives you more clarity about what a SharQui class is like and that you CAN do it.  Now, I’d love to see you in the studio. 

Summer is upon us and you can easily take the studio with you on your summer vacation.  I’ll make it even easier for you by giving your first week for ONLY $5.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.  You can register here.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face.

Shake your Beauty,


P.S. Here’s the link again for the SharQui Virtual Studio.

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