The Power of Cueing

Hello Friends!

Oreet asked me to write about my experience in the SharQui Virtual Studio.

It’s about the significance of cueing.

Recently, I had to relocate my dance space due to some renovations at my house. The new room was farther away from my Wi-Fi, and I had to connect to my television for a better view, as my computer screen wasn’t easily visible.

Initially, this setup seemed perfect, and it worked fine on most days, however, one day during class with Oreet, everything went haywire!

Thankfully, I was able to continue the class smoothly.

All thanks to Oreet’s exceptional cueing skills.

Now as a student, you might not consider cueing essential. I’ve been in in-person dance and exercise classes where I couldn’t hear the instructor clearly due to loud music, but I managed to follow along by watching their movements – so it wasn’t a major issue.

However, the online setting is different.

There are days when the internet behaves oddly, causing the video to speed up or slow down unexpectedly, or even disappear altogether. Although I can usually hear the music and the teacher’s voice, effective cueing makes a world of difference in staying on track.

I personally haven’t taken Oreet’s SharQui Instructor Academy, but I’ve heard rave reviews about her excellent approach to teaching the art of cueing.

And as someone who remembers the days of Jazzercising along with a vinyl record, I can confidently say that cueing truly works! It holds immense importance as it enhances the overall student experience, which makes it more enjoyable, and has them always coming back for more!

So students (and teachers)…

Let’s embrace the power of cueing!

Happy Dancing (and cueing),
Helen Lindberg, SharQui superfan

P.S. (If you’d like to experience what Helen’s raving about, we’d love for you to join the Virtual Studio. And if you are an instructor looking to learn the art of cueing, go to sharqui.com/teach to learn more about the Academy.)

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