When You Are Figuring It Out

Hey there,

So lately I have been doing FB Lives in my Elevate Your Teaching and Grow Your Dance Business FB group about honing your messaging. I know honing in on your message can take some time as it’s essentially figuring out your brand.

People have asked me, “Now that I am trying to figure out who I am trying to serve, what do I post on social media in the meantime?”

I get it! You need to get yourself out there and it’s essential to create content on a regular basis. So, the question is…

What do you post?

I’ve got 3 great tips for you today that can get the ball rolling while you figure out your brand messaging…

#1 Ask yourself: “What is the biggest mistake students/clients are making?

Identify what these mistakes are and create a post talking about HOW (not why) this is making it more difficult.

#2 Ask yourself: “What are some of the most common questions people ask you when they find out about what you do?”

Start a running list of questions you get ALL the time and start turning them into posts.

#3 Find inspiration in what other pros are talking or teaching about.

I don’t mean COPY! But simply ask yourself “Do I agree with this concept or not?” Then create a post with your words, your spin, and your experience.

I hope this helps as a starting point so that you can connect with your audience and show up for them, all while you figure out your messaging so that you can solve their problem. And bonus…this is a great way to figure out who you serve based on who engages with you too!

Have a promotional day!


P.S. I’d love for you to join the Elevate Your Teaching and Grow Your Dance Business FB group where I go even deeper into business and teaching topics. Join us!

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