The Power of Your Story

Hey there,

So, if you haven’t already noticed, there’s been a major shakeup in how people and businesses promote right now. You need less to zero money for promotion and more attention-grabbing content. Have you noticed unknowns becoming superstars almost overnight, with a single TikTok video?

So, what should your next steps be? Well, when it comes to finding, reaching and selling to your audience… It’s stories that sell!  

Think about why you got started, what stories do they want to hear about, and how you can tell yours in a way that captures their attention.

Here are some tips to think about going forward:

✅ Stories sell and stick with customers. But the trick is finding fresh ways to tell it!  You can do it in email, video, a static image with your story in the caption, a reel with your text in the reel, golden nugget phrases that capture YOUR journey, etc. And don’t forget to not just do this once.  Keep re-introducing yourself at various times to your customers.  

✅ Don’t just think about what you want to say, but think about how do you want others to feel. Purchases are driven by emotion. Truth smack: This is also the secret to powerful content.

✅ Community is powerful.  Think about how you can go beyond with your content than just promoting to the masses on social media.  Go above and beyond to your die-hards in email, a FB group, or even a LIVE get-together. This creates a sense of belonging, which you can nurture and have them coming back for more! Remember it’s a lot easier to keep a customer than obtaining a new one. 

✅ No need to be everywhere.  Be where your customer is and speak and/or write with only that person in mind, or you’ll lose everyone.  

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