Set the Rules

So last week I gave you permission to stop letting your students suck your time and energy. Yes?

So as a teaching professional that is committed to getting results for your students, one of the key elements is to set initial boundaries and expectations.

Yep, you need to do it right from the start!

By doing this, your students will know what they can expect from you, but also know what the rules are when working with you.

My suggestion is a welcome email and/or adding a section to your website, landing page, social media profile, etc. And if you don’t have something like this in place yet, I strongly recommend it.

A great way of introducing this is in a “welcome” email that gets sent when someone joins your community and/or classes.

Inside, explain to them what the rules are. Tell them:

👉What happens if they are 10 minutes late to your session,
👉When you expect payment,
👉What will happen if payment isn’t made at that time,
👉Your contact hours,
👉Your cancellation policy, etc.

I know this may sound a bit harsh, but students do like to be informed of what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

So start creating the rules of your teaching business.

Think of this as developing a trusting relationship with them which is special and hopefully long-lasting.
Now that you have set expectations (and made sure that they have read them), it is easy to refer to them if and when the situation arises.

This takes a lot of pressure off yourself and you’ll feel more professional.

Look, you’re busy, and now you can concentrate on doing the things that you love, and that is teaching kick-ass classes! (that extra marketing work!)

Hope this helps.

Now go and set some rules!


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