With 20 years of fitness and dance experience, Oreet has gained a unique perspective and wants to share it with you! Check back regularly for her pearls of wisdom, inspiring pep talks and takes on life, love and Shaking Your Beauty!


For The Love of Dance

Today’s guest testimonial was written by Suzanne Meadows In 2006, I met Oreet at the NY Health & Racquet club. In all this time, she has been my dance teacher,…

Rinse and Repeat

Today’s blog is aimed at teachers and instructors, but it’s got life advice anyone can use: Back in my early teaching days, I had this fear of my students getting…

I Love Hummus!

Hummus: it’s a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine because it’s simple and delicious. It’s also become super popular in the Western world because it pairs so well with so many…

My Journey – Conclusion

Hey Gorgeous, So, today is the conclusion of My Journey – my dramatic chapter blog about how I started. Highs and lows. Naysayers and doubters. Fitting the part. And voodoo…