Become A Master Student

How do you become a Master Student…?  

Drop all creativity for at least 6 months (we recommend 12 months).

Do the Crew videos as a student. Teach them exactly as you receive them as a student and make it your goal to be able to teach it VERBATIM!  

Boring?  Let us explain:

Many of us come here as artists with creative juices.  But the hardest thing is learning how to ground that creativity.  I promise you, when you ground creativity, you make room for something else that is much more important than creativity.

And that’s passion.  Make room for passion.

Passion can get nitty gritty, sweaty and ugly.  But it can move mountains!  It can move old habits out the door, it finds solutions to “no time to practice”, it finds a can-do attitude when you’re overwhelmed, and has you show up time and time again.

Your passion will check your ego and have you work on the same combo over and over again to master breakdown and cueing, even though you’ve been teaching for years or have performed all over the world.  Passion is what students fall in love with and it’s what opens doors – promise. 

It’s time to be an under-study.  

It’s time to study the craft.

Now don’t worry, your creativity will still be there, and you will come back to it even better!  When you get the method into your bones, “your creative stuff” will transfer (which comes at our Evolution and Mastery certifications).  But if you don’t drop your stuff, the transfer of knowledge won’t happen. You’ll be trying to marry 2 things that have a long distance relationship. Get into the relationship that’s here and waiting for you, with the teacher and method you signed up to be with. 

You may struggle, but if you do the work, you will get it, and your students will be better off for the work you did on yourself. 

Being a Master Teacher is all about being a Master Student.

So, take advantage of every opportunity to receive feedback from Oreet or your Master Instructors and submit your yearly practical or participate in the quarterly Instructor Challenges. 

We can’t wait to see you on the other side.

You got this,

Oreet & Marisa

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