Putting Yourself Out There (Part 2)

Hey there,

So last week I talked about putting yourself out there on social media.  This week’s blog is about how to handle negative feedback – like a nasty email, or comment from someone who feels offended or is downright mean.

When those moments arise, you’ve got to come up with your own personal “coping strategies” to get through it and feel okay.  Different strategies work for different people.  Here are my strategies: 

Shake it off.

Running a teaching business is all about attracting your ideal students. This type of student is not someone who will shame you for trying to earn a living.  Am I right?  If someone’s going to flip out or be mean because you’re trying to make a living – that’s their drama, not yours.  And it’s pointless to engage or even try to win them over. Instead, delete it and focus on your ideal student. 

Set boundaries. 

Putting yourself out there takes a lot of courage, I know.  So keep yourself feeling strong!  How?  Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, nutritious food, exercise, pleasure breaks, or whatever helps you to de-stress. 

Setting boundaries for your teaching business is also a form of self-care!  Like deactivating the comments on your blog or social media for a bit.  Or maybe take a peek at your reviews once a month instead of every day.  Or maybe hire an assistant to go through your emails and deal with the nasty or unproductive ones, so you don’t have to see them.  It’s these boundaries that can make a huge difference!

But the flip side to putting yourself out there is that you will also get to experience love, appreciation, sign-ups, and the pride of knowing that you’re pursuing your passion with courage – not hiding in fear.  That’s something nobody can take away from you.  Not even the meanest poo poo head.

Here’s to getting yourself out there my friend,


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