The Truth About Feedback

Feedback is extremely valuable. It’s how we grow and reach our goals. But sometimes it can really sting! Am I right?? 

There are 2 different types of feedback – solicited and unsolicited. I’d love to talk about the unsolicited feedback first…

In the past, bitter feedback would have wounded me. Now saying “it’s not about you, it’s totally about them”, only goes so far. I mean it doesn’t give you any insight into the issue at hand. Over the years,  I’ve learned to flip the script and process it differently now.  I’d love to tell you about an incident that happened to me and how I handled it…

So, I was teaching class… slammin’ it with seamless corrections, breakdowns and build ups while staying with the music. I was feeling like a true badass. Then I glanced over to my left and then….


The new girl ran off in a huff. There was a sudden heaviness in my heart.

I heard from another member that she complained about me in the locker room saying that I was correcting her way too much and felt almost “made fun of”.

Ouch! It stung a little.

I’m sure this negative feedback was backed by insecurity and other issues, BUT I learned from it! It made me think about teaching class from the perspective of a brand new student.

My cues and corrections were very succinct and direct in order for the class to be effective. Now the fact that this was pointed out, I can totally understand that a new student who does not know my style can take this as being abrasive.

The most important thing for me as an instructor is to create a welcoming and supportive environment where EVERYONE feels successful. So, going forward I now go above and beyond to be warm, supportive, and attentive (in a smiling and nurturing way) to brand new students.

Now let’s talk about solicited feedback without getting your feelings hurt…

My best advice is to keep practicing by always putting yourself in the position of getting feedback – especially in a space that is safe so you are also able to process the feedback better.

Now, you won’t always get to control how you receive the feedback, but by soliciting feedback deliberately, you’re already familiar with how to use the feedback to help you grow instead of bringing you down.

The best place to get constructive feedback is from mentors  you trust and who can give it to you in a kind, supportive, yet constructive way. The “instructor challenges” is that “safe space” that will give you exactly that. Or if you’d like to work 1 on 1 with me, you can upgrade to Pro-Tier.

So my truth smack is…if you are coachable, the sky’s the limit. If you can’t take corrections,  then you can’t grow. 

Look, life is more enjoyable when you grow – so embrace the feedback! 

We’re here for you!


P.S. If you’re serious about reaching your goals,  participate in the instructor challenges with Marisa. 

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