Over 40 Is The New Beautiful

Previously, in Part Five of “Finding Self”:

As a result of freeing my hair, it helped me embrace “me”, which then helped me reconnect with my heritage.  The moments of my journey of feeling different, exclusion, feeling misunderstood and “not fitting in”, has shaped my life today.  My mission in my SharQui biz is for EVERYONE to feel included, valued and understood.  I thanked my parents for giving me the most beautiful lessons.  (if you missed Part Four, you can read it HERE)

This is the Last Part…

Over 40 is the New Beautiful

In about 7 months I turn 50…  oh gosh, it’s so friggin weird to say it.  But I don’t feel it!  Like really… I don’t!  I clearly remember thinking 50 was so old when my parents reached it in my early teens.  Blink, and now I’m the one who has a preteen son, a daughter who already thinks she’s a teenager, and I’m about to hit this milestone.  Holy f’in Moly!

As you get older, you reflect.  And once I turned 49, that’s what happened.  I’ve been reflecting on my life for the past few months up to this point.  Like where I want to go next, and how I want to mark this step into the next decade.  So, I decided to do something bold – and that’s enter a competition.  No, no, not another bellydance competition.  A competition on being fabulous over 40.  Now, don’t get it twisted… this ‘aint your typical beauty competition.  It’s a competition that focuses on how you feel on the inside and what makes you authentic.  So, hell yeah… I DO feel fabulous.  So why the hell not compete? 

But there’s more… 

In a culture obsessed with fame, beauty and cellulite-free thighs, it takes a certain kind of power to step away and follow your own journey.  It’s the kind of power that comes from my story and living 40 plus years, not 25.  It’s the power that comes from doing hard things, looking inside instead of seeking approval, and releasing things that no longer serve you.  For me, my super power is loving myself more than needing to fit in.  And as you know “fitting in” was the bane of my existence!!!!

As you’ve read in the previous parts of this series, I spent a lot of time worrying about other people.  What will they think and will they like me?  I spent too much goddamn time in my childhood, and well into my 20’s, pleasing people, because when you’re unaware (and unsure) of your own power, you give it away to other people.  That’s what happens.  And that’s what I did (ugh, what a waste of time and energy.) 

Now that I am over 40, it’s about taking back my power.  It’s about speaking my truth without fear.  And if backlash happens?  I just don’t give a sh*t.  It’s so powerful.  I recommend you try it.

So, in a nutshell, here are my truth smacks about being fabulous over 40 (almost 50):  

  • Over 40 is acceptance – most importantly, of myself.
  • Over 40 is freedom  – from expectations.
  • Over 40 is alignment – having my values aligned with my words and actions.
  • Over 40 are answers – you earn them yourself.
  • Over 40 is truth – stepping into it and staying in it.
  • Over 40 is the New Beautiful baby!

And that’s why I have entered the Fab Over 40 competition!

Now, would I prefer to have fewer lines on my face, less aches in my body, and a tighter ass?  Sure.  But would I trade it for the truth I’ve discovered and the power I’ve stepped into? 

Not a chance!

‘Cuz I feel more fab now than I ever did.  

I really want to thank you so much for taking the time to read my journey. If my story resonated with you I would LOVE your free daily vote (or paid if you’d like!). Here’s my link:  https://votefab40.com/2022/oreet-jehassi-schwartz

I am doing this for ALL the people who’ve felt excluded, not pretty and unworthy.  And I am proof that you can break this mindset!  And so can those who are still working on it.  So if you need help breaking through, come join our SharQui family.  It takes a village and it’s always better together.  SharQui Virtual Studio 

Stay Fab my Friend, 


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