Of Course You Don’t Have Time To Practice

Of course you don’t have time to practice!

  • Yes, other people and their problems are totally more important than your dreams and goals!!!!
  • Yes, Netflix has amazing shows!!
  • Yes, kids are a lot of work
  • Yes, the dog did eat your homework
  • Yes, you’re really not smart enough to do this!
  • Yes, you will never get it
  • Yes, having a job is tiring
  • fill in more___________________

There is NOTHING wrong with you for experiencing ALL that. 

Only one thing…..

First, you really have to understand the entire life experience is set up to addict you to everything. 

It has been ENGINEERED that way! 

We’re living in some pretty sick times.

Our sickness is society’s. 

Consumerism. Pop psychology. Additives in our food. Algorithms in social media. 


What’s wrong with you then?

Push back.

You’re not pushing back against the tidal wave of life. 

It’s the mainstream. 

It’s huge. 

And I’m sure you’re scared to create an alternative stream. 

But you must.

Not only for your own good and practice, it’s for everyone else that wants to follow in your footsteps (like your students.)

Woah! Being a good teacher is like being a pioneer!

YES! Poor teaching is mainstream. It’s all over the place, just like all the other messages you’re bombarded with from media campaigns or what you’re ingesting. 

Push back gets sh*t done. 

Push back is brave! 

Push back to the voice in your head. 

Push back to the laughter. 

Push back to every NO out there with a BIGGER NO that says, “No, you can’t derail me! I’m going THIS WAY!”

We’ve been told to be quiet, and be good girls and boys.

Not here. Not in SharQuí.

We want you to push back so you can Shine!


We’re waiting for you upstream. You don’t have to swim there. 

Dance your way over there in your practice!



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