With 20 years of fitness and dance experience, Oreet has gained a unique perspective and wants to share it with you! Check back regularly for her pearls of wisdom, inspiring pep talks and takes on life, love and Shaking Your Beauty!


My Journey – Chapter 8

Hi Lovely, Previously, in Chapter Seven of My Journey… I competed in 7 competitions within 3 years. An acquaintance at a competition hit me with a “Calm the F*ck Down”…

My Journey – Chapter 7

Hello again Gorgeous, Previously, in Chapter Six of My Journey… I was driven to prove both the naysayers wrong and to myself that I CAN have credibility in both worlds.…

My Journey – Chapter 6

Hey there my Beloved Beauties, Previously, in Chapter Five of My Journey… I couldn’t replicate myself so I created a VHS of the workout for my students. I saw the…

My Journey – Chapter 5

Hi again Beautiful, Previously, in Chapter Four of My Journey… I ceased the opportunity to create a format that was actually working. I was gaining more momentum through word of…

My Journey – Chapter 4

Hey there Lovely, Previously, in Chapter Three of My Journey… Finally – the sweet taste of some success! After working my booty off to build a solid reputation in the…

My Journey – Chapter 3

Hey Gorgeous, Previously, in Chapter Two…   I auditioned for the traveling cast of, STOMP. Thought I was perfect for it. Made it to the last 50 peeps out of 623.…