Teaching SharQui – overcoming obstacles [part 3]

Hey there,

So last week I talked about how practice is THE way to not forget a move. But I also added 2 other secret tips. In the final blog of this series, let’s talk about Wanting to be good, now!  

So many times I have seen trainees lose their motivation to teach because they’re not  getting there fast enough. Well, sorry to say, but being impatient won’t get you there. It’s time to set realistic practice goals. Here are some realistic examples…

I want to teach a 60 minute class versus I want to build my stamina by practicing 10 minutes at a time while talking.

Or, I want to teach a high-intensity class versus I want to be able to get through my first class in the next 30 days.

And, I want to be a top instructor versus I’m going to improve my teaching skills by practicing 30 minutes a day.

See, once you are able to set realistic goals that can be reached by a reasonable time, you’re able to start working towards a larger goal. Start small so that you can build your successes which will help you stay motivated.

Now you have the tools to go out there and teach SharQui and successfully overcome your obstacles.  Go…be brave, and succeed!

With all my love, my heart and my fire,


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