It’s That Simple

Hello there!

We all can agree that the traditional family consists of a father, mother, and children…yes?  But it doesn’t have to be just that! Regardless of how you define what a “family” is, whether traditional or unique, the definition of family is the group that is always there for you.

In fact, I consider all of you my second family because I would go above and beyond for you as you have for me! So, my wish for you is to consider SharQui as your 2nd family too. Your teaching journey can only get richer by the loving and supportive people that surround you – and that’s your fellow instructors.  So, lend a helping hand and/or accept the support!

So, to celebrate the 2nd family that you have, why don’t you help a fellow SharQui instructor by promoting their class or event today.  It can be as simple as an Instagram or Facebook post share, a tweet, or a shout-out in your newsletter, on your website, or in your classes.

How many times have you gone to a fellow instructor’s class and they were so thrilled that you came?  But when they try to reciprocate, you go to the humble place, pretend to get shy, and dismiss it with a wave of your hand.

If they offer…take it!

So today, whether a fellow instructor asks or not, help them out; and when they thank you, remind them that all they had to do was ask. 

So, in a nutshell, “Family is what you make it.” Whether made up of blood relatives, friends, pets, or a combination of these, your family can offer you the support you need to thrive.

Truth Smack: When your fellow instructors grow, so do you.  It’s that simple.

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