I tell myself every day that “I’m in the imperfect”. 

Dude, I’m in it!  

I’m in that messy, scribbly, ups and downs, twists and turns, and have had many pitfalls. It’s the practice stage. 

I hope that speaks to you as artists and teachers because I’m sure you get it.  Like when you’re working through a routine, or improving on your teaching skills. You’re finding ways to experience or do new things. It’s weird and sometimes awkward…am I right?

Now if you can tell yourself, “I’m in practice mode, this isn’t going to be perfect, and I’m going to experience some pitfalls; that’s going to help so much to keep you pushing through. 

Look, no amazing choreography or performance was ever easy or started in perfection.  Even if it were easy right from the beginning, you almost don’t want that. You want to get grimy with some pitfalls so that you know that you’re in practice mode.  This is when “great” happens!  

So, imperfection is necessary.

Now, what I would love to do for you is make it “slightly” easier and purposeful, while you are in practice mode. I’ve talked about cueing, breakdown, and teaching above skill level in my previous blog, but wanted to address something that I have seen from instructors that are also just as important. 

Here are 3 common pitfalls that I see: 

NOT BREAKING DOWN MOVES IN TIME TO THE BEAT – This is repeating a move or combo over and over, slower and slower, and in smaller and smaller chunks. Guess what..You’re working backwards! That means you offered the combo without building it up properly. 

Truth smack: You’re teaching a bellydance class, not a bellydance fitness class.

NOT USING HOLDING PATTERNS –  You dance. You stop. You talk. You dance. You stop. You talk. As you do that, your students are stopping when you stop, and staying still while you talk. It’s pretty clear…you did not practice enough – specifically the holding patterns.

Truth smack: You’re teaching a bellydance class, not a bellydance fitness class.

NOT UTILIZING CREW VIDEOS EFFECTIVELY –  You may be practicing with the Crew videos, but doing the videos as a student of dance, not a student of teaching; or even using them as a library of moves. What happens is that the SSI doesn’t happen and you don’t actually learn the format.

Truth smack: This practice ends up by you teaching a bellydance class, not a bellydance fitness class.

What do these pitfalls all have in common? PRACTICE

Practice is the number one thing that will make you great.

Practice is what makes you a great teacher that gets positive feedback,  retains students, and becomes highly sought after.

Practice is what makes your students say, “I’m f*ckin’ addicted! 

So there you have it. You have everything you need. All you have to do is practice. (Thinking about practicing doesn’t count, btw. wink) 

You’ll be soaring way above those pitfalls, while everyone else is stuck in the hole.

We don’t want you to fall in.

Stay passionate,


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