Instructor Spotlight – Lana

This special guest post is written by Lana, a graduate of our January 2022 SharQui Instructor Academy. Lana was a joy to have in the program, and I’m so proud of the growth she’s shown over the past 3 months!

Want to become a certified SharQui instructor like Lana? You can learn more about the SharQui Instructor Academy and apply here.

Are you longing to take a SharQui Belly Dance Fitness class or to become an Instructor?

When I am looking at any type of fitness activity, I notice a few things about my needs.  I want to see a lot of people who are in the activity looking healthy, happy, and fit.  In that way, I feel confident that this type of exercise will be a good match for my fitness goals.  BUT It can be intimidating to see oceans of people who appear to be slimmer, more muscular, more advanced than myself.  Even though this is all in my head, I know that I have run away from truly great programs purely because I felt like I wouldn’t fit in.  So, I am happy to be able to represent those who are struggling and/or just beginning their fitness journey; those who wish their body was already at the finish line; those who just need to see a whole hot mess of imperfection in front of them so they know that they can feel safe to be there too!

So, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my experience with SharQui.  Starting the program, I was 47 years old, 5’2″ and 230lbs.  I had suffered an accident in 2015 that took 4 surgeries and a year of physio to get me walking with a cane, and eventually bring me back to reasonable physical capabilities.  I have a rare autoimmune disease which sometimes challenges me with minor cognitive difficulties.  Slap on some Covid related isolation, and I was not in great shape.

Everyone has their own health profile and I am not a physician so I cannot tell you if you are safe to complete the program.  But let’s be real here:  I was not an ideal candidate by any physical standard for the Instructor course.  I just knew that I had to do it.

So, despite the fatigue and poor level of fitness, I began.  At the start I could only do 10 minutes of SharQui  in a day.  Two weeks in, I wasn’t sure if I could do it.   But then, all of a sudden it was 15 minutes, and  then 30, and then one day I was able to practice for an hour!  What an amazing feeling!

I can’t tell you if you will succeed or not.  But I can tell you that I did against a lot of odds.  This program allowed me to build up my endurance while learning in a simple step by step system.  So, don’t put limits on yourself or write yourself off.  If you want it and you are committed to it, that might be all that you need.

If you are looking to become an instructor:  Because I did have some small cognitive challenges, I designed an additional system to bridge the learning gap.  I needed to see the choreography mapped out in an explicit and physical way.  I can see this being immensely helpful to future students and am working with Oreet to make this available.

If you are looking for an instructor:  My classes are perfect for those who are embarking on their weight loss, fitness, and/or healing journey.  Typical of SharQui, no prior Belly dance experience is necessary.

When I am not guiding a SharQui class, I can be found working on other healing modalities such as Yoga, Reiki, Women’s Circles, Meditation, and Crystal Healing.

Statistically consistent in my life experience as a woman,  I have clawed my way out of countless traumas. And as someone who has survived more than one near death experience, I have an entirely new perspective.  I value myself, my life, my time on this earth.  I will not push aside or delay my dreams and desires any longer.  In Belly dance I feel empowered in my expression of the feminine.  Strong and unashamed.   I truly want to see other women putting themselves, their health, and their spirit, as a priority.  I am here to support women.  That is entirely what I am about.  So, please go ahead and make this commitment to yourself!

– Lana Young, SharQui Certified Instructor.

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