Getting Seasoned

Hello my beautiful SharQui family!

I am so thrilled to have Master SharQui Instructor, Marisa Guastella, as the role of Director of Professional Development for our instructors. She has great things she’s spearheading for you guys so you’ll be seeing and hearing from her much more in the coming months. She had written a wonderful social media post that really summed up what getting out there to teach, really does for you. I present to you…Marisa.Oreet

Hey friends! If you’re teaching online, continue to make that known!


I had an online teacher connection from Facebook reach out to me out of nowhere to ask me to sub an online class for her and offer a really handsome sub rate.

Her message, “I know you teach online. You’re all set up for it. This has got to be an easy gig for you.”

And it is…

And I’ll tell you something else:  I consider myself a professional subber. 

Get into the sub business if you can! It’s AMAZING!

Before Covid, I said yes to every sub job that came my way starting in 2017. It began entirely nerve wracking to walk into brand new studios, ones I’ve never been to, not knowing the lay out, the students, the owners, the parking, the sound system and the mirrors or no mirrors. I would drive there thinking “WTH am I doing????”

Well, saying yes made teachers talk amongst themselves. I got TONS of sub work, I worked every single Saturday and Sunday for years soon picking and choosing which studios and classes I wanted to be at!

See, all those fears turned to adventure! And all the adventure turned to rock solid, unshakeable confidence that I could walk into any group and dance or work them out with very little to no notice.

Here’s the even cooler part…I afforded my car just from subbing… Seriously!

No, it wasn’t all SharQuí, but it was ALL kinds of formats. Other dance fitness, body sculpt, Pilates, HIIT. I have ACE group ex certification, Pilates and Senior Fitness.  I can essentially sub anything. Because I love movement and people, movement and people also opened doors to SharQui.

Building confidence as an instructor is where it’s at friends. Loving what you do, building capacity, supplementing education and gaining experience. I was “good.” Meaning I knew my stuff.  But I really had to get out there and get seasoned.

I encourage you to do the same.

It’s incredibly exciting and very fulfilling when the confidence and trust comes…

Trust me…

Love, Marisa (Master SharQui Instructor)

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