Seize the Opportunity

Hey there!

So I’m going to get straight to the point (cuz that’s how I roll).  I’d like to tell you why some SharQui classes are not on point and don’t end up continuing – and how to turn it into an opportunity.

Now I’m the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake (and I’ve made a lot along the way), but I can promise you this, I learn something new every single time.

So, as you likely know, people are going back to the studio as well as staying virtual, so the potential for you starting or continuing to teach is bigger than ever! As a result, people have many classes to choose from, which means you have to know what can make and break your class(es).

My goal is to help make sure that you don’t make mistakes and make sure that you know how to turn a potential flop into an opportunity. Here are 3 truth smacks why a SharQui class can flop…

Truth Smack #1 – Teaching What You Think Your Students Want 

You may think being a dance diva that can show off their skills is a benefit, but it’s not. Students need clear and concise instruction so that even the timid student feels successful. 

So, here’s how to turn this into an opportunity. Watch, listen and slow down for your students. If you’re anything like me, you love to create and want to lay it all out there in class. That creativity is important and has a place for it, however, slowing down and getting really clear is a must. I know it’s not the sexiest part of teaching, but you have to do it! 

Look, I know you are here to learn, so let’s make sure great instruction is passed onto your students. You may struggle, but if you do the work, you will get it, and your students will be better off because of it.  

Truth Smack #2 – Timing Is Everything

Have you ever experienced a class that was just REMARKABLY easy to follow? Didn’t that make it more fun? And got a memorable workout, yeah? 

How about a class that was difficult to follow? Super frustrating…am I right?  I know that all of us would be mortified to hear we delivered a hard-to-follow class! 

Well my friends…one of the skills that will make you SHINE as an instructor is the art of cueing.

Why? Because timing is everything. 

You are trying to give your students a class that flows. It’s imperative that you do your students the favor of helping their brain and body anticipate the next move.

How do we turn this into an opportunity? Cue 2-4 counts before the change, NOT on the change. Boom! 

Many instructors ask me, “Oreet, you make it look so easy.” My classes certainly didn’t start like this –  I had to work at it. So, know your beats and practice. It will empower your students and have them coming back, I promise.

My words of wisdom: 

If you cue they will follow. I repeat….. if you cue they will follow.  Literally.

Truth Smack #3 – (This is a big one) Skipping The Breakdown

Oy, oy…and oy again! 

Gone are the days of following the bouncing butt. 

Did you know that SSI is an actual pedagogy?!  While it is belly dance, SSI is the communication of a careful methodology.  Remember, SharQui holds evidence by its application and feedback. It was created from the complaints of students who took bellydance and bellydance fitness classes. Remember, SharQui is not just a bellydance class that keeps moving, it’s a class that has a very specific and unique system. 

It may be hard to see the opportunity here, but you will –  when you nail down SSI. This is where you’ll move from having courage to teach to having the confidence to teach. 

Here’s to seizing the opportunity and f*cking nailing it!

Now go and seize the opportunity!


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