With 20 years of fitness and dance experience, Oreet has gained a unique perspective and wants to share it with you! Check back regularly for her pearls of wisdom, inspiring pep talks and takes on life, love and Shaking Your Beauty!


My Journey – Chapter 2

Hey there Beauty Shaker,   Previously, in Chapter One of “My Journey”:   I moved to the concrete jungle of NYC right out of college. My days were hectic with…

Tahini is Key

Tahini is Key Tahini is a middle-eastern staple that adds flavor to so many kinds of dishes and recipes that it’s a no-brainer when it comes to keeping some on…

My Journey – Chapter 1

Hi Beautiful, So here it goes… I hope my journey inspires you to do YOU – even when you’re rejected or naysayers don’t accept you (ugh, can’t stand them). Well…

Finding Practice Time

Finding Practice Time by Laylianah Mahasin We all have super busy lives, so how are we supposed to add practice time to our already bursting schedules?  It’s easier than you…

Koresh’s Come Together Dance Festival

Koresh’s Come Together Dance Festival I had the honor of being chosen to perform at Koresh’s Come Together Dance Festival in Philadelphia in November of 2019.  It’s been a dream…
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This Is It

This Is It   Valentines flowers and chocolates are languishing in the bargain bin, but I’m all consumed with the LOVE you’re lavishing upon yourself.  It’s incredible; we started working…