For The Love of Dance

SharQui participant Suzanne at her wedding, where she hired Oreet to perform as a professional bellydancer. Oreet performs in a two piece bellydance costume in front of Suzanne and her husband, surrounded by party guests.Today’s guest testimonial was written by Suzanne Meadows

In 2006, I met Oreet at the NY Health & Racquet club. In all this time, she has been my dance teacher, my client, and now we can call her a long standing friend. We were graced to have her as a guest at our wedding, and she performed for our friends and family.

My health has always been pretty outstanding, yet in recent years I have taken a break from dance and have seen the pounds add up, plus my doctors visits have seen her concerned about my cholesterol. 

As life progresses, it can be challenging to take several dance classes a week… yet with SharQui’s online studios it makes it feasible and affordable to both maintain an athletic figure and have dinner with my hubby Patrick. I am so excited to have my dance back, and feeling more and more like the person I was when Patrick and I first met. I feel confident the cholesterol numbers will be much healthier with a consistent SharQui workout, and hopefully we get to go to the beach this summer, with me feeling comfortable & confident in my own skin. Sporty Spice is back!  

My hubby Patrick has embraced this opportunity to learn some dance moves in order to stay in shape. Dance workout is a great way to learn to dance without judgment (that is how I got started, too). He takes every class with me, and like many of us learning to use parts of his body in ways he didn’t know were possible… now he dances around the house. It’s exciting to see the love of dance being passed on! 

-Suzanne & Patrick, Brooklyn, NY

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