Today’s blog is aimed at teachers and instructors, but it’s got life advice anyone can use:

Back in my early teaching days, I had this fear of my students getting bored. And believe me, my students would let me know.  New Yawwkas… need I say more?!

So every week, I always created a new routine.  I worked hard on it, spending several hours per routine. And to be honest, for what I was getting paid, all that work was not worth it.

Yet, what I realized was all the new weekly routines were actually doing a disservice to my students, as it took them the entire class to finally feel comfortable with the routine.

So, I repeated the routine next week and sometimes the 3rd week, and with new music. They loved it!

What I learned was that not only did my students need the repetition, but I was discovering things I hadn’t the first time, like better breakdowns and different ways to say cues. Repetition helped me work my way to teaching better.

So, it bears repeating:

Repeat yourself.

For your students as well as yourself.

And if you’re not a teacher: it’s the age old lesson that practice makes perfect. If you’re having a hard time with, say, a new dance routine… well, keeping at it will get ya’ results!



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Oreet, the creator of SharQui – The bellydance workout®, is an award winning performer, a sought after choreographer, teacher and fitness presenter. As a performer and teacher Oreet combines passion, grace, athleticism and hip precision in order to give a refined performance. Along with teaching, Oreet certifies dancers and fitness professionals in the SharQui format, the ONLY fitness accredited bellydance fitness workout in the world, has been introducing it internationally as well. She holds the titles Bellydancer of the Year 2007, Entertainer of the Year 2006, Jewel of the Nile 2006, Bellydance Diva 2005 and is the reigning Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America. Due to the popularity of the SharQui format on the east coast Oreet has recently expanded to San Francisco and the west coast.