My Journey – Conclusion

Hey Gorgeous,

So, today is the conclusion of My Journey – my dramatic chapter blog about how I started. Highs and lows. Naysayers and doubters. Fitting the part. And voodoo dancing.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know (well almost)…

Starting from day one.

If you’ve been following along – saweeeet! I hope even a small piece of my journey helped you to feel not so alone.

If you missed the first 8 installments, start with Chapter One HERE and do a Netflix binge!

When you’re finished, here’s The Conclusion…


So, as you know, all of these SharQui shenanigans came from a feeling of “not fitting the part” during my dance and fitness days. If I were secure and never thought I was fat, or never worried about what other people thought, maybe my story would’ve played out differently. I mean, if someone told the younger me to celebrate my failures and accept where I am, right now, I probably would’ve told them ‘awff’ (that’s “told them off” for you non-Lawngislandas). But now I realize that every event and phase in my life was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be.

Whether it’s a dance career, another career, or just really life in general, our insecurities and trials and errors help create our opportunities. I didn’t know what SharQui would bring, all I knew is that I wanted to get out of a shi*ty situation. I didn’t go and create something because I wanted something out of it. I created SharQui because I was pissed! I worked too hard, for too little pay, wasn’t appreciated, and I didn’t fit the god damn part.

But the super cool byproduct of all of this is that I began to fall in love with my heritage, my body, myself, and realized my WHY.

You know, I used to cringe whenever potential business consultants would ask, “What’s your why, what’s the reason for doing what you do?” I’d be like “Sh*t! I dunno. I just wanna run my business, get people off their ass and dance, occasionally go out to eat, buy a new outfit and indulge in the most expensive drink from Starbucks.” The end.

Then it finally occurred to me. Oh snaaap! I DO have a WHY. I’m not speaking of the obvious one which is helping people feel beautiful through bellydance… but my personal why.

Here it is…

I take teaching as a lifestyle and a as a commitment to the growth of my students. I push hard in my classes and my expectations are strong and clear. (I know I have an intensity about me, wink) However, I do hope that at the end of the day, anyone who walks into my class knows that I have created a space that is safe, a space to reach new success and a space where they feel loved. And this can only happen from the top – and that’s me. This is WHY I get up every morning.

So, this is my journey so far!

So, what’re the most valuable take-aways from my story? That the process will always be imperfect and may never happen the way that you think it will – and it’s OK! Also, to let go of the thought that you should be farther along by now. And most importantly… just keep at it, because great work (people, things, fill in the blank) always gets found.

There you have it.

I thought it would make sense to end with one of my favorite quotes from the coolest entrepreneur, Shonda Rhimes – the creator of How to Get Away with Murder, Gray’s Anatomy, and so many other cool things.

“I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way, and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky.

Call me a (f*ckin) bad ass.” (I added the f-bomb, wink)

I truly hope my story resonated with you.

With all my love, with all my heart, and with all my fire,

P.S. Would love to see you in my 30-day virtual studio beginning April 13th. Registration coming soon on sharqui.com/online.

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