Free to Express

Today’s guest blog is by Marisa

I realized somewhere in my dance journey every message I internalized about what it means to be a woman showed up in my dance.

My first teacher told me my hip bumps and drops were too soft. Yup; because when women show they’re in control they are called bitches. I wasn’t dancing with authority, I was dancing scared and to be liked.

My second teacher told me I had no sensuality. Sure, because we’re taught our bodies are something we should be ashamed of or can get us in trouble.

My third teacher told me I was dancing too small. Sure, because when women embody their power they’re called attention whores. “Oh, she thinks she is better than everyone.” You know the girlish chatter that never grows up into mature women who can celebrate women…such a buzz kill!

I decided one day I was going to fully inhabit my body with permission to be every dynamic I am: a Mother, Sister, Friend, Daughter, Professional, Dancer, Adventure Seeker, Emotional Being, Curious Child, Wise Sage. You know, the list goes on and on. The boxes I was living in were way too small. The truth is, I can be anything or anyone I want to be when I dance.

What about you? Are you fully living in your body without apologies? The world needs more embodied women. I’m telling you, you can’t get it wrong.

So make your entire life a dance, and take lots of pleasure in it. You deserve it.

If you’d like, you can join me virtually and dance right from the comfort of your home.

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