SharQui Shopping Guide

Bellydance costumes are an integral part of the art of Raqs Sharqi. From bedlah to dresses, from wings to bolero jackets; costumes highlight your moves with sparkles, sequins and fringes. Start planning your dream bellydance wardrobe with this shopping guide.

Today, we’ll have an overview of current bellydance costume designers and shopping options. We start with vendors who carry multiple designers and then look at individual designers. We’ll suggest some great options for lower priced costumes, like second-hand and DIY projects. Finally, if you’re able to visit Istanbul or Cairo in person, check out local bellydance shopping guides.


DIY Costuming Resources

You don’t need a big budget to get a great costume! Here are some DIY ideas.

DIY Costume Inspiration

Secondhand Costumes

Don’t want to make it yourself? The cheapest costumes on major shopping sites such as Amazon are in the $20-30 range and are suitable for parties or Halloween, but not really a bellydance show. Their items that look more like dance costumes start at around $70 but to get a durable, well-fitting costume designed by bellydance specialists you will usually spend between $250-$2,000 US dollars.

If you don’t have the budget for a brand new professional quality costume, there are many great groups on Facebook with great deals on second hand costumes. You can find an assortment of top quality costumes for under $500.

I hope you found this shopping guide helpful and inspiring. Let me know if I missed any designers!

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