You’ll Be Seeing Double This Week!

Wow, last week’s conversation introducing Yemenite Heritage month was ACHLA! (amazing!) Some people told me that this was the first time they’re hearing the Yemenite story.

Well, I hope you’re ready for more of that fascinating story, and a little more of me. This week we’re talking Yemenite Parties, and you might end up thinking you’re seeing double – and you will! My identical twin sister, Doreet, will join us for Shoot the Shimmy this week to talk all about the amazing, colorful, cathartic, ancient, elaborate party culture of our people. 

Why should bellydancers learn about parties? I really hope I don’t have to spell it out for you. Parties, especially parties related to weddings, are the lifeblood of bellydancers. All over the SWANA and the former Ottoman empire feature “Oriental” female or feminine entertainers analogous to bellydancers in their function, aesthetic, and history. Let me underline the fact again, this family of dance is an intrinsic part of the culture of SWANA and former Ottoman subjects, regardless of differences in religion, language, and ethnicity. 

As a dancer, I’ve had a ton of experience with the dance part of events, but my sister, the caterer, can give us a lot more info about other yummy aspects of Yemenite celebrations. Doreet founded The Malawah Bar in 2018. The Malawah Bar is a caterer and to-go restaurant serving classic Yemenite food in San Francisco and the Bay Area of California. 

Doreet and I have very similar stories where we were slightly adrift teenagers in a less inclusive age, who just wanted to fit in. Currently we are at an age where people appreciate and not just tolerate diversity. So no more saving shimmies or parties in the mouth for family affairs only. It’s time to celebrate what we can bring to our culture. 

See you this Wednesday, June 16 at 11:15am on the SharQui Workout FB page. 




p.s. That’s Doreet in the picture!

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