Tips for Taking Online Dance Classes

Dancing together online during lockdowns has been a saving grace for members of the SharQui community. We liked the efficiency, convenience, and consistency of online classes much that even with studios opening again, many of us are continuing online and our instructor trainees are also learning more about online teaching.

We asked a few of our Virtual Studio community members for their input to help new students get ready for their first SharQui Workout in our Virtual Studio.

Sindy says: “SharQui is available 24/7 and you can do as many classes as you want with your membership.  It’s a lovely dance community online & you can communicate with others from all over the world.  It’s a lot of fun, and I really look forward to coming home after work and being able to tap into my dance classes.  One great perk is no commute time in a car to dance class!  Seeing others dance on Zoom with me is also fun, and knowing we all love Middle Eastern Dance.”

Susan’s tips for getting started: “Use a laptop or larger screen, wear clothes you can move in( i love my yoga pants) dedicate that time for your personal journey, try a new different class occasionally, try another new ( to you) instructor….”

Lola says: SharQui makes it very simple to use their online dance platform. All you need is a solid WiFi connection and a laptop, iPad, or notepad to stream or watch the recorded classes from home. Oreet & her amazing team of instructors make it easy peasy to stream live or watch at a later time with recorded classes and have made it very affordable. If you have a chance please check or try SharQui out, you will not regret it.”

Martha says: SharQui live dance/fitness  classes online are so much fun! They are gifts you give to yourself – great for your body, mind and spirit. Replay class videos if you miss a class or just for review. Go at your own pace. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Helen says: “It’s great when the instructors can see me and give me feedback while they are teaching. I also like to hear the feedback that’s given to other students in the class. It might be a good idea to tell newcomers that it’s okay to turn off their video camera. Also, let them know that they can turn it on when they feel more comfortable. I think the bellydance 30 day challenge introduction is a great idea!”

Let me be upfront, our virtual studio isn’t a substitute for a brick and mortar studio! It’s different – and that’s good! Now is the perfect time to embrace more zero-commute activities.

A lot of people have said with online classes they are reaching their goals faster. We make classes brief and really effective. Classes are only ½ an hour, give you quick results, teachers give you individual attention (if you want), and best of all, it’s a fun group of people.

Try the virtual studio today! We would LOVE for you to Shake Your Beauty with us!

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