Dancing To Your Part

Let’s face it. The past few weeks have been rough (I mean ROUGH!!) on everyone.

I found myself feeling down and quite helpless. I saw so many people hurting, especially my friends of color and frontline medical workers. I thought, “I’m just a belly dancer. What can I possibly offer anyone during these tumultuous and isolating times?”

It was actually students who taught me that even “just” a belly dancer has something to offer. One told me that she lived near where a riot was happening. She said the only thing keeping her upbeat and hopeful that day was she knew the class would help her feel better. Another student, who is a nurse, told me that she had an incredibly hard shift that day, but what kept her going was knowing that she would be taking a class when she got home.

These two students helped me realize that I can and do help others with what I do. Self-care is especially important these days. I help people take care of themselves so they can keep going. Realizing this inspired me to look for other ways I can use belly dance to help.

Everybody can do something to help. Everyone has something they can offer. Take time to listen to people around you if you are not sure what your part is yet.


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