With 20 years of fitness and dance experience, Oreet has gained a unique perspective and wants to share it with you! Check back regularly for her pearls of wisdom, inspiring pep talks and takes on life, love and Shaking Your Beauty!

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This Is It

This Is It   Valentines flowers and chocolates are languishing in the bargain bin, but I’m all consumed with the LOVE you’re lavishing upon yourself.  It’s incredible; we started working…
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A Look Back At 2018

A Look Back At 2018   Wow what a year it’s been! If I had to describe 2018 in 1 word, it was the year of change. With your support…
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She Said Yes! – Rachel’s Story

She Said Yes! – Rachel’s Story   I still clearly remember the first time I encountered bellydance. I remember she was beautiful, and the precision she had over her movements…
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Pause And Exhale

Pause and Exhale   How stressed out are you? Do you feel like you’re always scrambling, like you’re chasing a runaway train?   I know women who are still agonizing…
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You Don’t Know

You Don’t Know   I met a woman yesterday in Stabucks who spent 30 minutes telling me how she loves Zumba and that she’s the fittest she’s ever been at…