Pause And Exhale

Pause and Exhale


How stressed out are you? Do you feel like you’re always scrambling, like you’re chasing a runaway train?


I know women who are still agonizing over their incomplete resolutions and the year’s almost over! It’s madness.


Let me share a little secret with you…(read more)


When you take a chance to savor your victories, even small ones, hell, especially small ones, you tend to have more success. It’s so important to take a moment to pause and exhale, and commemorate all the wonderful things you’ve done. 


No, you don’t have to have won a Nobel Prize… or even gotten a bunch of likes on Instagram! You get credit for all the little things you did to keep your motor running. No one else did them for you, and no one else could.


So…did you dance at all last month? Did you choose food based on what would nourish your body and comfort your spirit, instead of agonizing over calories? Did you have a chance to get your body moving with the intention of charging your batteries? Did you get to put yourself to bed one night with ease?


Celebrate that! When it comes to self-care, you don’t get points for winning, you get points for trying.  


I consider myself lucky. Leading SharQui groups, I get to see people take constructive action towards a happier, healthier life every day. It’s important to take the time to succeed. Take small steps – even teensy tiny. Every. Single. Day. And I guarantee you’ll be unstoppable! 


These following students are my family because that’s how they feel to me. I’m honored to know them, honored to work with them, and honored to play a role – big or small, in helping them achieve their goals. 


They showed up for themselves every day. And sometimes that meant being easy on themselves on the days that weren’t so easy. That counts, too!


And I’m damn proud of them.


I hope this inspires you.


“As I reach my “senior” years, it becomes more and more important to stay “young” and in shape. I received news from my doctor 6 months ago that my bone density in my spine has been deteriorating. After doing SharQui for 6 months, I recently received tangible proof from my doctor that my lower spine is back to the normal range and I can only attribute this to SharQui. All of the twisting plus the attention to posture surely contributed to this vast improvement.” – J Domenici


“I started doing SharQui after a very painful break up. It helped me enormously to get in touch deeply with who I am, and gain consciousness about how much being a woman is part of my mode of living. In the past I used to think that it’s the relationship with a man that gives you such consciousness, but with SharQui I’ve learned to enjoy being a woman for myself because being a woman deserves celebration!”

– I. Visiers 


“After having children and needing to lose 100 pounds, I knew I needed movement in my life. I discovered I love to dance when I found SharQui. I now have a new found love for dance, fitness and my body.” – M Guastella


So many beautiful things, right? None of it happened over night. These successes take dedication to small, incremental wins and support. Cause a friendly smile and a pat on the shoulder go farther then you think!


So if you’ve been a student of SharQui in the past, please know that the door is always open to you. And if you were not a student we’d love for you to join the family.




Thank you so much beautiful,



P.S. SharQui TV is coming in 2019! This is your chance to do on demand SharQui workouts in the comfort of your own home. Get on the waitlist here so that you can be notified when registration opens – and at a charter member rate too!

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