SharQui From A Bellydancer’s Perspective – Shakila’s Story

SharQui From A Bellydancer’s Perspective – Shakila’s Story


We all know that “Raqs Sharqi” means “eastern dance” in Arabic, but what is the SharQuí® workout?  I found out at Rakkasah West this year when I took Oreet’s workshop, “Drills and Skills, SharQuí – The bellydance workout .”  At first thought, I was hesitant to sign up – the words “workout” brought back flashbacks of the endless jumping in place I experienced in my 20’s at my local fitness center.  This did not sound appealing now on my forty something year old joints. But, it was Oreet, the 2007 Belly Dancer of the year, so maybe I could glean a new move or two. So I signed up.

The class started with a good warm up and stretching.  Then we did some belly dance combos – nothing too difficult to remember, like some workshops that teach so much choreography you feel like you’ve landed in a Lucille Ball sitcom.  We did fun traveling moves across the room to the right, then to our left (like a good belly dancer can!).  Oreet made sure we used the proper technique while doing isolations and other belly dance moves – the way that strengthens muscles and their supporting structures, while protecting the spine and joints.  I’m an RN at my day job, and very aware of good body mechanics.

Oreet kept my heart rate up and oxygen was being delivered to every cell in my body.  After approximately 15-20 minutes, the serotonin kicked in and I was high! High on belly dancing!  My brain and body worked together at the optimum level, and I gained confidence, learned new moves, and improved my skill level while having fun and doing what I love to do!  Anyone who does this regularly would certainly build strength and gain speed and stamina.

Oreet is full of energy and teaches her class with the same style and enthusiasm that she dances with, which I would describe as a fusion of Egyptian (classic and contemporary), with some earthy folk, and cabaret moves. There really is a little something for everyone in her class, which I highly recommend for the belly dance enthusiast, and pro. SharQui truly gives you a great workout, while learning authentic bellydance.   – Shakila

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