You Don’t Know

You Don’t Know


I met a woman yesterday in Stabucks who spent 30 minutes telling me how she loves Zumba and that she’s the fittest she’s ever been at age 50. (I’m thinking…totally cool and way to go sista!)


I quickly suggested (before she could start talking again for another 30) that she might benefit from changing things up a bit. With SharQui. I mean, she’d be working her body in a whole new way and it totally compliments what she’s already doing. Right?? I continued by saying that the community is so friggin amazing and she’d not only get a kick ass workout but she’d make some new friends too!


She responded, “I’ll be judged”. I promised her that would never ever happen. “Oh, honey, they most certainly will”, she scoffed.


Well, forget the fact that she masked her insecurity with boasting how fit she was and how great she was at Zumba. What bothered me tremendously? She’d made her mind up. She was certain she’d be judged and that was enough to prevent her from trying something new.


She turned her fear into a hard fact.


I said, “If you’re sure of something you know nothing about, know that it’s you who’s stopping yourself, not others who you think are judging you. Besides, people are too busy being hard themselves to waste time judging you anyway.”


I then gave her my card and stated that I would be thrilled to have her in my class. Thanked her for a great conversation, grabbed my cold brew (I’m a coffee freak) and left to pick up my kids from school.


So the truth smack from this convo?


You don’t know until you know. So just get yo’ ass to a SharQui class so you “know”.




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