Oh Exercise…


Oh Exercise…


how we love to hate you.


We’d feel so accomplished if sitting was considered exercise, right? To tell you the truth, because I run my dance business myself, I also have to be a pro when it comes to sitting at the laptop for hours on end. So I know that my body needs what SharQui gives it.


We all know we should move more – some find the time to do it, and many of us want to be better at it. But traditional gym time can be pretty dull! We all know how slowly time passes when we’re not engaged in our activity.


That’s why I love SharQui; it’s an exercise that disguises the exercise, and that’s why I love to share what SharQui provides to so many women. In fact, I just taught a brand new SharQui class at a corporate fitness center. I heard comments like “dang, this is a fat-burning workout disguised as fun!” and “my back feels better from sitting for 3 hours.”


SharQui is a different kind of exercise! It’s a not the monotonous movement that you get from a treadmill or a bike. It literally massages you from the inside out, makes you use muscles that you never knew existed, and helps posture – an amazing solution for the office worker or anyone who wants to get more movement into their day.


Now if SharQui can help the office worker can you imagine the possibilities for other populations? For moms it can also help embrace their bodies; for dancers it can help them move their hips in a whole new way; for the yogi it can help them work in circular motions; and for Zumba instructors this is as an opportunity to learn the authentic way to bellydance.


Another added benefit with SharQui is that your brain exercises, too! Being inspired by your movement instead of just doing the same repetitions keeps you alert, aware and involved.


So how and when do you find the time to do SharQui?

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