Getting Uncomfortable


Hey there Beauty Shaker,


I’m super stoked to tell you about an amazing event I produced in my hometown of Philly. It was called Shimmy, Shake & Socialize 2018, the first-ever bellydance fitness of it’s kind. There were 3 types of bellydance fitness formats – barre, dance fusion and cardio – so that everyone had a variety to choose from.


My mission was to educate the Philly area about bellydance through fitness. (as we all know, fitness is not as scary as bellydance to a newbie) I wanted to tell my community that “I’m here, I exist, and that bellydance fitness is cool!” I brought in 2 celebrity fitness/dance presenters, had beauty and wellness vendors, free vodka cocktails and yummy falafel!


Well it was a success! The attendees loved it and the facility wants the event back next year.


Now I tell you this because I was very scared producing a big event like this. But to succeed in life you’ve got to get uncomfortable.


Am I right?


For some, “getting uncomfortable”, means launching a business, networking, meeting new people or even trying a SharQui class. (wink wink)


It means different things to different people, but essentially, “getting uncomfortable” means that you’re taking a bold step to learn about yourself or let the world know about you.



And you know what? It was scary AF.


But I had to get uncomfortable and put myself out there. And the only way to get more comfortable with putting myself out there was to DO IT.


I now have such pride that I pursued the event with courage and didn’t hide in fear. It wasn’t easy. But it was necessary.


So tell me, how did you get uncomfortable so that you could put yourself out there?

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Oreet, the creator of SharQui – The bellydance workout®, is an award winning performer, a sought after choreographer, teacher and fitness presenter. As a performer and teacher Oreet combines passion, grace, athleticism and hip precision in order to give a refined performance. Along with teaching, Oreet certifies dancers and fitness professionals in the SharQui format, the ONLY fitness accredited bellydance fitness workout in the world, has been introducing it internationally as well. She holds the titles Bellydancer of the Year 2007, Entertainer of the Year 2006, Jewel of the Nile 2006, Bellydance Diva 2005 and is the reigning Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America. Due to the popularity of the SharQui format on the east coast Oreet has recently expanded to San Francisco and the west coast.


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